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So sorry!  I'm still learning...I thought this would go to straight to shakesherical.  I hope you are able to read this on my journal.
Hi:  Just received the note that you had a birthday this month.  I'm so sorry to have missed posting on your special day.  I hope it was a happy one with lots of love and hugs.  May the year ahead bring you happiness and joy!

His eyes.  His incredible eyes!  That had been the first thing Vala had noticed about the man. When she had begun teasing him, his scrunched up eyes had opened wide with the most disturbed expression.  She'd known she would like him from then on.  She'd teased and flirted and played him with deliciousness.  He'd been like a gift just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

And then somewhere along the line, she'd started taking the time to look not just at his eyes, but into his eyes.  Those eyes which always seemed to mirror the person hiding inside.  Uncertainty, hurt, even fear.  But also compassion, excitement, and wonder.  She'd begun to want to explore.  She began to desire that he would look beyond her own innocuous flirting.

When had she seen his blue eyes begin mirroring her hurt when she failed?  When had the deep blue gaze lightened to blue skies as the shy smile flickered for the tiniest fraction of time?  At what moment had his uncertainty turned to tentative trust?

She finally began to realize the feeling of coming home when their gazes began locking and time tumbled away.  His eyes took her to worlds only they could share.  Drifting, melting, lost in his sweet eyes.

As Vala looked down on the intense blue eyes meeting her own, her lips butterfly-kissed the soft black hair.  The beautiful blue eyes that mirrored his father's loving look, drifted softly closed in the sweet sleep of babyhood.

February 17, 2011

It's been a difficult week.  I lost a friend of many years to a massive heart attack.  He was a sweet, gentle man, strong in love of family and with a quiet, abiding faith in God.  He will be much missed by so many of us!  I will treasure the memories of Paul and his wife, Patti, on our many trips with junior high kids for church retreats up in the mountains.  These weekends were my refueling stations to get through my years of raising my children and teaching my special ed students.  Laughing, crying, praying together, supporting each other by hugs and letters!  I am what I am today because of my heart family and the ties we will always share.  Paul, keep smiling and enjoying the peace you so richly have earned
As I walk slowly between the bedroom and the family room, I am filled with excitement.  It's the best of two worlds!  The Super Bowl and becoming a member of this community.  This is something I've long wanted to do and I look forward to meeting many of you through our love for writing.  I am very open to all the help and suggestions I can get - both from family and new friends.  Thank you for joining me, for sharing ideas, and most of all, for love and support.  Hope to hear from you soon and I'm working on posting a story as soon as I can figure out how to get one from my Word Pad to here!

My first post!!

As I slowly walk back and forth between the bedroom and the family room, I'm enjoying the best of two worlds. Super Bowl Sunday and joining this community.  I welcome my family and new friends and will try to do my best to keep this up, and to LEARN!!!  Any help will be much appreciated.  If anyone has suggestions on how to set up this page, please e-mail me.  Back to the game.



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